Arrived Homes / Launch Video
Investing Made Easy
Role: Copywriter
Involvement: Market Research, Product Research + Oversight, Concept Development, Scripting, Visual Development, Music Supervision

Arrived Homes is the newest real-estate investing platform on the block. Before Arrived went live, the company’s leadership team sought support in communicating the unique value they bring to the world of investing.

Arrived needed strong messaging that was accessible to everyday people who might not know much about investing in rental properties. To help our audience develop a sense of trust in Arrived, I wrote the script in a way that unpacked complicated topics and essential product features conversationally and in an approachable manner.

For illustration and animation, I joined forces with the project’s art director and imagined a world of collage-style visuals paired with existing product UI. We illustrated abstract concepts, like property value appreciation, and showcased how the platform actually works by uniting these visual elements.

A good reminder for me (and all of us): Video can be a big investment for a startup, aside from all their other content needs. So we worked with Arrived Homes to identify and develop a series of social media extensions to maximize value, utilizing the language, style, and assets we developed for the launch video.