Coursera / Employer Brand Storytelling
Progress Seekers, Welcome
Role: Copywriter
Involvement: Market Research, Pre-Interviews, Concept Development, Paper Edits/Scripting, Music Supervision

Testimonials and individual employee breakout videos available upon request

Coursera’s Employer Branding team sought to engage with prospective new talent through testimonials that would appear at various touchpoints of the job application process. To understand what exactly draws such vibrant talent to the company, I conducted extensive pre-interviews with current employees. An answer began to emerge: Coursera had developed a culture of collaboration, chock-full of leadership and mentorship opportunities, as well as space for experimentation and innovation. I translated these ideas into themes for each video.

To connect the larger company mission to individual perspectives, we invited Coursera employees themselves to bring their stories, passions, and personalities to the table unscripted. The videos were filmed around the globe—from Mountain View to Gurugram—and Snowday’s Creative Director and I tuned in remotely to direct with local crews. Once the interviews were transcribed, I pored over the pages to unite everyone’s stories into a handful of upbeat, relatable, and heartwarming videos and cutdowns.