Coursera / Product Videos
Skills Dashboard + Skillsets
Role: Copywriter
Involvement: Market Research, Product Research + Oversight, Pre-Interviews, Concept Development, Scripting, Voiceover Direction, Music Supervision


Skills Dashboard
Coursera released two cornerstone enterprise products in 2021 for business leaders and employees alike, and the company needed to create a foundation for video content that would articulate the benefits of these tools to hiring managers and HR leads.

Working on these two videos was a practice in simplifying the complex. Skills Dashboard and Skillsets are both invaluable tools with *many* benefits. So I created an in-depth flow chart for navigating both products from a user’s POV, which proved useful in narrowing down key use cases to feature. Using these flow charts and use cases as my guide, I wrote two scripts featuring an empathetic, conversational narrator to get essential messaging across without overwhelming viewers with too much information.

The flow chart also assisted our illustrators and animators in understanding and representing the platform visually. I collaborated with our art director to oversee product UX representation and animation, ensuring that UI screens and flows were accurately simplified to their most essential elements.