Google Chrome / Explainer Video Series
Behind Every Tab
Role: Copywriter
Involvement: Market Research, Product Research + Oversight, Concept Development, Interviews, Scripting, Visual Development, Music Supervision

Better Browser Management Behind Every Tab

More Productive Work Days Behind Every Tab

Increased Safety and Protection Behind Every Tab
As enterprises move their workforces online, IT departments are faced with a number of new challenges, from security threats to management visibility. Google’s Chrome Browser is one solution to these challenges.

For this project, I wrote scripts for three educational videos that explain the key benefits of Chrome to an audience of IT decision-makers. Each video highlights a handful of specific features to illustrate how Chrome boosts productivity, streamlines management tools, and proactively protects organizations from external and internal security threats.

I collaborated closely with the Chrome team, interviewing marketers, engineers, and product managers to understand how Chrome Browser works inside and out. These interviews were essential in honing both a tone and a story structure that would resonate best with the intended audience.

When it came to visual development, I oversaw product UX representation and animation, ensuring that UI screens and flows maintained accuracy in their simplified representations.

I don’t think I’ve ever read as many tech documents and manuals for a project as I did for this one, but I got such a thrill from distilling complex information into a bite-sized, useful end product. The scripts I wrote for this project led to the next iteration of Chrome’s evolving brand language, and they tapped Snowday to support this branding process shortly after Behind Every Tab wrapped.