Google News Initiative / Branded Documentary
Role: Copywriter
Involvement: Market Research, Pre-Interviews, Scripting, Music Supervision

Google News Initiative works with publishers to train journalists, provide them with resources, and fund their innovation. The GNI team wanted to develop video case studies that would highlight their work and elevate the stories of newsrooms around the world, and I plugged in as a copywriter on a handful of these, including one about The AFRO in Baltimore.

The AFRO is a newspaper and media platform that “provides readers with good news about the Black community not otherwise found.” For this project I led the research process, which included combing through the AFRO’s extensive archives and interviewing the publisher’s leadership and staff. In addition to helping us understand the organization’s history and goals, these pre-interview conversations also painted a picture of the relationship between The AFRO and Google News Initiative.

After the research and discovery phase, I worked with the film’s director Luo Jian to oversee the pre-production process. Once the shoot was wrapped and interviews were transcribed, I built the paper edit and collaborated with both Bryce Bizer, our editor, and Jian through the post-production creative process. Together we brought to life a story about the bond between business and community, history and present day, legacy and evolution.