Google Search / Feature Launch
Pronunciation Practice
Role: Copywriter, Director
Involvement: Product Research, Concept Development, VO + On-Set Direction, Music Supervision

Google’s pronunciation practice feature on Search is both super useful and surprisingly fun (try it!). When we were tasked to develop a video concept to unveil the new feature, Snowday’s Creative Director and I first played learned with the tool ourselves. Inspired by this shared experience, we decided to gamify our natural curiosity about language by challenging folks to pronounce some of the trickiest words out there.

We paired the inevitable mispronunciations with clear visuals to indicate the meaning of each word, and kept the presence of the tech itself minimal until the very end of the video—creating space for everyone’s quirks to shine through.

The video launched to showcase the feature on the Google Blog and social. It was well-received, with commenters on YouTube joking that they had no trouble relating to the story, while also noting the far-reaching, positive impacts of the feature. One deaf commenter posted: “This is really really useful for deaf people like me...I never knew how to pronounce ‘e’ correctly until it gave me useful tips!”