Kalderos / Annual Report
Mission Critical: Bringing drug discount stakeholders together so patients win
Role: Copywriter
Involvement: Market Research, Product Research, Writing, Editing

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 Some data visualizations from the print version of Kalderos’ 2023 Annual Report

A selection of social media posts promoting the report
Kalderos is a data infrastructure and analytics company that built the first drug discount management platform, bringing healthcare system stakeholders together to simplify drug discount program compliance. Using third-party data sources and proprietary algorithms, the company provides stakeholders—especially drug manufacturers—with the data necessary to identify and resolve the noncompliance that leads to revenue loss across the system.

Every year, the company releases an annual report on the state of the drug discount program landscape. 2023’s report was a call for collaboration, urging healthcare entities to come together in the name of patient health.

I contributed to the annual report in a number of ways:
  • Formatting a succinct version of the report for web
  • Developing titles and captions for the data visualizations placed throughout the report
  • Writing various promotional materials for social (paid and organic) and email 

My first and biggest task was to take the 63-page print version of the annual report and format it for the landing page. The report needed to be rewritten in a way that was engaging to readers while being compatible with the webpage format. I collaborated with both our Senior Director of Brand Design to ensure my copy not only fit within the creative constraints of the intended wireframe for the landing page, but also aligned with the visual concept.

I also collaborated with Kalderos’ Lead Designer on the titles and captions for all the data visualizations presented in the annual report. This involved reviewing the raw data provided by the Sales, Growth, People, and Product teams to determine what would land for Kalderos’ audience of drug manufacturers, covered entities, and state Medicare agencies. Based on these decisions, I wrote captions in a way that would make the information accessible to readers.

For the report’s promotion, I put together a number of emails for customers and prospects, including templates for the Sales team to use. Additionally, I collaborated with Kalderos’ design team on a series of organic and paid social media posts to further advertise the report.

Delivering value with conviction was a key goal for the Brand and Marketing team at Kalderos. The company saw 61% more website activity than 2023’s monthly average in the month the report launched. And the landing page alone earned well over 2K views within the first few weeks of going live. Kalderos’ three annual reports have been downloaded more than 1,500 times, leading to 100+ MQLs and $1 million in attributed revenue.

In recognition of the Brand and Marketing team’s collective effort, Kalderos was announced as the winner of Business Intelligence Group’s 2023 Public Relations & Marketing Excellence Award for External Campaign of the Year.

Team cred:
  • Desirina Frew, Director of Communications
  • Mark Kosin, Senior Copywriter
  • Mark Nizinski, Senior Director, Brand Design
  • Shannon McNary, Lead Designer, Brand
  • Amanda Guss, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

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