Kalderos / Product Launch
Commercial Discount Monitoring
Role: Copywriter
Involvement: Market Research, Product Research, Writing, Editing

Commercial Discount Monitoring landing page

Blog announcement — read it here.

One of many the social media graphics promoting Kalderos’ new solution, designed by Mark Nizinski.

Case study promo — you can access the full study here!
In October 2023, Kalderos released a transformative update to its Commercial Discount Monitoring solution. For this product launch, I led the copy development for a multi-channel digital campaign. In collaboration with the Director of Product Marketing and the Director of Communications, we aligned on messaging, benefits, and value drivers of the product to communicate to our audience of drug manufacturers. I also worked with the Senior Director of Brand Design on visuals for the social media rollout. 

In an effort to create as many opportunities to connect with new and existing prospects as possible, we organized a variety of touchpoints: I developed a landing page for the solution, wrote a blog post announcing the updates, authored emails to prospects, completed a case study based on insights from a customer who uses the solution, created templates for sales team members to use in their communications, and drafted paid and organic social assets for Linkedin and X.

Whew! That was a lot. Take a look over there. 👀️

Lastly, it takes a village. Here’s the core team I collaborated with on this product launch: 
  • Desirina Frew, Director of Communications
  • Allyson Moellenhoff, Director of Product Marketing
  • Mark Nizinski, Senior Director, Brand Design
  • Shannon McNary, Lead Designer, Brand
  • Beth Singh, Director of Marketing
  • Amanda Guss, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

︎ wynne.mrae@gmail.com